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The Responsibility is Ours (TRIO)

All of us who worship regularly or occasionally in this Cathedral have a responsibility to make a contribution towards the considerable costs involved in running this place of prayer and worship.

The best way to give is by using the Cathedral’s stewardship scheme. You can choose to pay via Direct Debit (the preferred method from the point of view of administration), through your bank by standing order, or by cash or cheque in a weekly envelope.

If you pay income tax and you Gift Aid your giving to the Cathedral, we can claim back the tax you have paid from the Inland Revenue.  This enables us, at current rates, to claim an additional 25p for every £1 you give. All that is required is a simple Gift Aid declaration.

It is also possible to give in the traditional way of putting money in the ‘plate’. For most services during the week a basket is placed at entry/exit to the chapel where the service is taking place, during larger services a collection will be taken during the service. Gift aid envelopes are available in the pews. Contactless donation points are also available.

If you wish to join the stewardship scheme please contact Gerald Harris, chairman of TRIO, or Cathy Sloan, TRIO recorder, in the cathedral office (01905 732900) or complete the direct debit form below.