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Alex's Story

I still remember my first Evensong at Worcester Cathedral back in September. I was ever so slightly terrified, but also fizzing with a nervous energy that comes with the anticipation of performing. Almost straight afterwards, we were told that the Queen had sadly died and the music list was promptly changed to reflect the sombre nature of the occasion.

That weekend we sang at the proclamations declaring Charles King. Our schedule for introduction to life as a Worcester Cathedral Choral Scholar had completely changed in an instant and it was perhaps a sign that we would not always have as much preparation time as we might like for every challenge that we encounter!

It has been a fantastic year for me here at Worcester. I feel that I have learnt and grown so much as a Choral Scholar. We had a recital recently that featured all three of the choral scholars and I did not imagine that I would be putting a programme together and singing like that as a close-knit team, when I arrived.

The wonderful reception and generous donations we received further increased my confidence which had already grown immensely over the year. The opportunity to practice such a large and varied range of music, sometimes at short notice, has clearly improved the quality of my singing and sight reading.

Life as a choral scholar has great variety and no two days are the same! Living onsite is very special; being in such beautiful historic surroundings and feeling a part of it all. It’s such a wonderful experience to sing in the Quire, sometimes close to the congregation, allowing an
intimacy with the community despite the awesome size of the entire building. Singing with the superb acoustic of the Cathedral is truly uplifting.

Singing as part of Worcester Cathedral Choir has enhanced my life so much. As scholars we also sing as part of Worcester Festival Choral Society and with the Youth Choir as well. In addition to this we also take part in the Three Choirs Festival. I have been so thankful for all the opportunities that have come my way over the
past year.

I love the caring atmosphere and community here at Worcester Cathedral. I have felt incredibly welcome and I shall be very sorry to leave at the end of July. I have been fortunate enough to work with lovely colleagues and made some very close friends along the way as well. I have no doubt, that this year will be remembered as one of my favourites.