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Summer Music Appeal 2024

“Our ambition remains to widen access to choral singing. Every choir member is nurtured to grow in confidence and experience.”

~ Samuel Hudson, Director of Music

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I would like to help ensure the choirs at Worcester Cathedral can be sustained and strengthened.

A Message from Samuel Hudson, Director of Music

There is so much wonderful music to share with you this season and, as Director of Music at Worcester Cathedral, I warmly invite you to join us for it. At the moment I write all of our wonderful choirs are busy preparing for the annual Three Choirs Festival which is taking place in Worcester this year. The Cathedral Choir, Voluntary Choir, Youth Choir, and Chamber Choir (who are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year) all have a part to play. There is much excitement, particularly amongst the younger members for whom this will be their first festival.

The support of those like you who care about the musical life of Worcester Cathedral has enabled so many children and young people to participate in music. You have helped them to fulfil their creative potential. Former choir members have gone on to be choral scholars and singers in chapel choirs at different universities across the UK. This year two of our members have offers of choral scholarships at Cambridge University from September 2024.

Through supporting our choirs, you help young people find a place where they feel they belong, can develop musically, and where they benefit from the pastoral care we offer at what can be a challenging time. The varied nature of our choirs means that we can draw singers from across the region, with no financial barriers for inclusion.

Our ambition remains to widen access to choral singing; offering inspiring opportunities for beginners, and pathways into professional music careers for others. Every choir member is nurtured to grow in confidence and experience. For some, our goal will be to equip them with the skills to continue choral singing at a high level when they leave school. For others, perhaps returning to singing later in life, we offer a range of opportunities for adults.

I am fully aware that it is only with your generosity that our choirs, and each singer, can flourish and embrace opportunities like the Three Choirs Festival.

I know we have asked for your help before, and I hope you will understand that I must ask again. I do so as I am proud to play my part, alongside my music team colleagues, in the lives of so many local people. I’m sure too that you share my passion for inclusion and musical development which I have spoken about here.

If you would like to help ensure that the choirs at Worcester Cathedral can be sustained and strengthened, please consider making a gift today.

With all good wishes,

Samuel Hudson, Director of Music

Daniel and Louise's Stories

Please do take a look at the words from Daniel, one of our young Voluntary Choir members and his mum Louise. Their stories show the positive impact that being involved in music is having their lives.