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Your Perpetual Flame | Let the memory of your loved one shine brightly forever

A special edition of unique hand-crafted glass flames from internationally renowned glass artist Allister Malcolm.

Celebrate and remember your loved one with a beautiful hand-crafted Perpetual Flame.

Created exclusively for Worcester Cathedral ~ for sale at £49.50.

My Dear Friends,

Every day in the Cathedral hundreds of candles are lit as a sign of prayer, remembrance, and thanksgiving. Lighting a candle in memory of someone we have loved and lost is a meaningful way to remember and honour their life and the time we spent with them.

It is my privilege to offer you one of our new and exclusive hand-crafted glass Perpetual Flames – a symbolic and poignant permanent reminder that the memory of your loved one lives on, brightly forever. We have a special edition of these beautiful and unique pieces for sale, in support of Worcester Cathedral, and in thanksgiving for those we have lost.

I know your Perpetual Flame will form a fitting tribute to the memory of your loved one.

With warmest wishes,

The Reverend Canon Dr Stephen Edwards| Interim Dean, Worcester Cathedral



Made locally and sustainably sourced at the hot glass studio of internationally renowned glass artist Allister Malcolm.

Allister Malcolm’s hot glass studio is based at Stourbridge Glass Museum in the Grade II listed, formerly derelict, Stuart & Sons Glassworks (home of Stuart Crystal). We are excited to be working with Allister who is a leading glass artist and whose work can be seen in galleries worldwide. Pieces created in the Stourbridge studio have made their way to the screen too, including the glass slipper worn by Cinderella in Disney’s ‘real-life’ reimagining of the famous film.

Allister shares our passion for the environment and sustainability, making him the perfect partner for this project. He is the first glass artist in the UK to convert to working with an electrically powered kiln and furnace instead of gas, and has worked extensively alongside manufacturers within the glass equipment industry to help create and refine glass making equipment that can be powered sustainably. Allister’s hot glass studio now uses 100% renewable energy.

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Perpetual Flame

Something unique for the Cathedral...

“I really enjoy working on projects that allow our glass to be appreciated by different audiences. It was an honour to be approached to develop something unique for the Cathedral. The idea of creating something inspired by the process of lighting a votive really appealed to me. Hopefully these pieces collectively will have a symbolic impact and mean a great deal to those who then take one.” Allister Malcolm for more information on Allister Malcolm.