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Worcester Cathedral's Peregrine Falcons 2024

Introducing Shaun, John, Liz and 'The Ball'

All four chicks have now fledged the nest and taken up residence at various points around the Cathedral. 

Peter and Peggy are still feeding the fledglings and teaching them the ways of the skies! 

We have been inundated with naming suggestions again this year - a big THANK YOU to everyone who has followed our fabulous family's progress and shown such an interest in these amazing birds. We loved each and every name suggestion, but sadly there can only be four. 


Named after Shaun Micklewright, in recognition of his ringing duties with the Worcester birds over the years.

After the outgoing Bishop of Worcester, John Inge. 

After Liz Hoskins, for all she does for the birds, monitoring team and drop-in visitors.

As named by drop-in visitors, originally 'The Snowball', shortened after losing her white down feathers and due to her size, now known as 'The Mighty Ball', 'The Famous Ball', or just The Ball!   

Lastly a HUGE thank you to the monitoring team here at the Cathedral, who give their time willingly and freely to ensure the peregrines not only survive, but thrive, and help to bring this amazing species closer to us all! 

Watch the Livestream

Live Peregrine Webcam: Watch the Latest Action from the Nest

Our adult peregrines, Peter and Peggy, are back at the nest and we very much hope to welcome more peregrine chicks over the coming weeks.

Watch:Worcester Cathedral Peregrine Chick Ringing 2024 Video

2023 Peregrine Chick Sightings

We are so grateful to have received this wonderful update and images of our peregrine (ring ID XHH) from the 2023 cohort.

We were recently notified by the BTO that she had been spotted and we have now heard from the Alexandra Park Ornithological Group, who told us:

"After a non-breeding pair of peregrines were resident for several years, this year at least 2 juveniles (including XHH) and another adult turned up, and things got a bit confusing for a while. Now it looks as though the resident adult female has left, and XHH has taken over. This seems unusual, as normally an adult peregrine would see off juveniles coming into their territory."

However, here is XHH taken shortly after arriving, interacting with the resident adult male on or around the television mast where the peregrines spend a lot of time.

The team is considering renaming XHH, last year's Mr Lazy, who is apparently neither male, nor lazy! Go XHH!

Photo credit: Greg Smith, Alexandra Park Ornithological Group

View the 2024 Livestream

Peregrine Chicks Ringed at Worcester Cathedral - And Now They Need Names!

Our famous clutch of peregrines chicks have been ringed by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) – meaning they are now recorded on the national database and can be identified in the future.  

More than 350,000 viewers have watched as the chicks, who hatched last month, have grown in the nest perched on the Cathedral, on a YouTube livestream.

On Monday 13 May ringers from the BTO rung the chicks, measured their wing spans, weighed and recorded them on the national database. Each colour ring has a unique letter code so the individual birds can be identified when seen in the future. Peregrines can live 15 and more years. And the exciting news this year is that one of our 2022 chicks was recently spotted alive and well in Bolton, Lancashire and Mr Lazy from last year’s cohort has also been spotted at Alexandra Palace! So, Peter and Peggy have introduced a new generation of peregrine falcons across the UK - Congratulations Peter and Peggy!

The chicks are always comfortable during ringing, but usually make themselves heard, so passers-by may have heard the commotion around the Cathedral!

The chicks are expected to fledge later this month or in early June, and their progress can be monitored on the livestream.

Peregrines love Cathedral towers because they are similar to their natural habitat nesting sites, which include quarry faces, sea cliffs, and mountainsides, as they like to have a high prospect looking over the area of their territory, which Cathedral towers and other tall buildings in cities provide.

Naming the Chicks

HELP! Our Peregrine chicks need names before they fly the nest!

We think we have two male and two female chicks.

Please send your suggestions to

Email your name suggestions

Peregrine Chicks

After a gap of over 10 years, a mated pair of peregrines moved into the Cathedral Tower in 2022 and successfully nested, produced and fledged four chicks! They returned to the nest built by our Works Team again this year, and on Mothering Sunday, the female laid the first egg of the season. There were four eggs in total and on Wednesday 26 April, the first chick hatched, closely followed by a second, third and fourth. 
The exciting news in 2023 was that we were able to install a live hi-res camera, that operated 24 hours a day. 
Thousands of viewers enjoyed watching lots of milestones: hatching, feeding, ringing and fledging, with lots of activity in between.

Watch the Livestream

Peregrine Drop-In Sessions

Enjoy a series of drop-in sessions where our resident peregrine experts welcome visitors to view the birds through a scope and shared their vast knowledge of this fascinating species  - the fastest living thing on earth! 

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