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Worcester Cathedral's Peregrine Falcons 2023

All Four Peregrine Chicks have Fledged!

All four peregrine chicks are doing well and gaining confidence with their wings.
There have been a few rescues, but this is quite normal and all chicks are healthy and beginning to learn to hunt, with their parents help.
A big thank you to everyone who sent in naming suggestions. We've had so many fabulous names sent in, it's been really tough to pick!
We're really pleased to announce the following names for our family:
  • Mum: Peggy
  • Dad: Peter (to mark the Dean's retirement)
  • Chick: Penguin (we just loved the story of the person who misheard talk of 'penguin' falcons)
  • Chick: Penelope
  • Chick: Percie
  • Chick: Mr Lazy (the male who took forever to fledge)!
  • Since Mr Lazy fledged on Saturday the nest is now empty, so the livestream has ended.
Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in to watch their progress, our livestream received nearly 400,000 views from across the globe! We're delighted to have once again seen four healthy chicks hatch and fledge from the nest. The family should remain around the Cathedral until August / September, before the chicks fly off to find their own territories. And we look forward to hopefully welcoming Peter and Peggy back next year!

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Live Peregrine Webcam: Watch the Latest Action from the Nest

Since all of the chicks have now fledged, the livestream has ended. We very much hope to welcome Peter and Peggy back next year and bring you more action from the nest... watch this space!

Peregrine Chicks

After a gap of over 10 years, a mated pair of peregrines moved into the Cathedral Tower in 2022 and successfully nested, produced and fledged four chicks! They returned to the nest built by our Works Team again this year, and on Mothering Sunday, the female laid the first egg of the season. There were four eggs in total and on Wednesday 26 April, the first chick hatched, closely followed by a second, third and fourth. 
The exciting news this year is that we were able to install a live hi-res camera, that operated 24 hours a day. 
Thousands of viewers enjoyed watching lots of milestones: hatching, feeding, ringing and fledging, with lots of activity in between.

Let's hope they return in 2024 for more of the same! 

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Peregrine Drop-In Sessions

We enjoyed a series of drop-in sessions where our resident peregrine experts welcomed visitors to view the birds through a scope and shared their vast knowledge of this fascinating species  - the fastest living thing on earth! 

We very much hope to do the same again in 2024, when hopefully Peter and Peggy will return to once again nest at the Cathedral. 

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