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Learning with the Cathedral

Worcester Cathedral has been a centre for learning since the development of a Benedictine monastery here over a thousand years ago. We continue this tradition with a wide range of learning opportunities with, through and at the Cathedral. Click below to find out more, or scroll down to read a brief summary of each area.

Education Visits - prior to the pandemic we hosted over 6,000 students and young people a year visiting to learn about the Cathedrals heritage, architecture, faith and culture. We have an award winning programme that will provide an outstanding experience for your next visit.

Family Activities - a host of resources for you to learn about the Cathedral from home, or to do when you visit the Cathedral. Including activity days in most school holidays.

Undercroft Learning Centre - our new centre for learning in the heart of the Cathedral. Available for you to use for exhibitions, performances, education, networking and meeting. 

Life Long Learning - we regularly have a talks and series looking at learning focused on more mature learners related to faith, theology, architecture, history and much more.

The Library - our library and archive has been a part of the Cathedral since Anglo-Saxon times. We host a huge collection available for research by scholars, the Cathedral and the public. 

Stonemasons - an ancient craft that is integral to the Cathedral. One of only 9 Cathedrals to have our own team we train new masons through our involvement in learning programmes and apprenticeships. 

Bellringing - one of the largest teams of ringers in the country our bell tower also contains the first teaching centre for bell ringing in the world. 

Choirs - we boast a host of choirs for all ages and backgrounds to engage in performing choral music. If you are interested, there is a choir for you. Learn to sing and perform in the stunning Cathedral setting.