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Living Gently on the Earth

Join the Cathedral Eco Group for 'Living Gently on the Earth'... a series of community events, talks and workshops.

The Cathedral Eco Group invites the community to join a series of free events that all aim to help us learn how to live more gently on the earth. Thanks to National Lottery Funding secured by the Eco Group, we will be hosting these events for the whole community to come together and explore ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Explore faith, cooking, gardening, money matters, shopping and more... These events include a Big Green Family Fair in October in the Cathedral's medieval cloisters, for the whole family to come together, browse a range of eco-friendly crafts and produce and enjoy a green day out together! For more information, see below...

Upcoming Events

Our programme is designed to enable green and generous living in all its aspects. The programme also includes sessions on social action, justice, and raising awareness. This is what we have planned, with further sessions to be announced soon:

2024 Events

Thursday 22 February | 7-9pm | Severn Room, The Old Palace
'Social Justice in Action: Sierra Leone'
Paul Grime, a member of our Eco-Group, is as passionate about social justice as he is about climate justice. In October, he took a trip to experience Christian Aid’s excellent work around gender equality in Sierra Leone. This talk is about what he learned, what it means for the world, and how we can be involved.
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Thursday 21 March | 2-4pm | Severn Room, The Old Palace
'Take the Jump'
Our society is hooked on stuff and it’s destroying our planet. Often without even making our lives better. Another way is possible! Take the Jump (TTJ) is a grassroots project that addresses this, created for anyone worried about the state of nature but not necessarily environmentalists. It's for anyone looking for constructive, positive, impactful steps they can take in their own lives. Using the latest science, TTJ, identifies six shifts we can take as individuals to help us shift towards a world with "less stuff, more joy." Come and find out more about the science, the shifts and the practical changes you could take to make a big difference. No judgement, just inspiration & support.
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Thursday 25 April | 7-9pm | Severn Room, The Old Palace
'Human Health, Planetary Health: Same Thing?'
Owen Raybould is an experienced local forager whose research has shown how processed and refined foods have two important impacts: they create a burden on human physical and mental health; and the production of them creates ecological problems. This session will look at the food system, how we can eat better and more healthily, and how farming healthier foods is better for the earth.
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Thursday 23 May | 2-4pm | Severn Room, The Old Palace
'How can we all switch to a more sustainable “circular economy” and lower our environmental footprint?'
“The circular economy is a system where materials never become waste and nature is regenerated. In a circular economy, products and materials are kept in circulation through processes like maintenance, reuse, refurbishment, remanufacture, recycling, and composting.” Dominic Lavelle is Managing Director of Go Green Experts, a Worcester-based Net Zero Carbon Consultancy. Dominic helps medium & large companies decarbonise and become more environmentally friendly.
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Events are free to attend.

*Tickets are not compulsory for attendance but will ensure that you will have a place if the event is full and will help to give us a guide of how many people to expect. 

Past Events

Articles about these events can be viewed in our Eco Blog.

Thursday 25 January 2024
'Between Denial and Despair': A Christian perspective on Hope in an Ecological Emergency 

Thursday 7 December 2023
'Addressing the Climate Crisis – A Debate with Worcester’s Parliamentary Candidates'

Thursday 26 October 2023
From People to Planet: A New Vision of Christian Social Justice

Thursday 7 September 2023
Forest Church - An Introduction

Thursday 13 July 2023
Talking Climate Justice with the Bishop of Dudley

Thursday 22 June 2023
Exploring Social Justice for Christians

Thursday 8 June 2023
Wildlife Survey: 'You're Never too old for a Bug Hunt!'

Saturday 27 May 2023
Prayer in Nature: an eco-spirituality teaching and practical session

Thursday 27 April 2023
How we can use Worcester Cathedral’s heritage to engage our communities with green living.

Thursday 2 February 2023
Measuring Your Carbon Footprint and Acting on it

Saturday 5 November 2022
Green Travel: Cheaper, better, easier

Saturday 22 October 2022
Big Green Family Fair

Thursday 13 October 2022
Home and Building Energy: Reducing Energy Use and Saving Money

Thursday 6 October 2022
A visit to Envirosort's Norton Teaching Centre 

Thursday 29 September 2022
How to Live a Less Plastic Life

Sunday 25 September 2022
From Garden to Dish 

Thursday 7 July 2022
Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Thursday 9 June 2022
Delicious Vegetarian Food Cooking Demonstration

Saturday 7 May 2022
How Faith Effects How We Care For The Planet